A few days ago I flew back from Hanoi to Bangkok with Qatar Airways and, as a OnewOrld Sapphire member flying economy, I was unsure which lounge I could use at the airport.

Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s not (too many confusing details on the Oneworld search tool page) : as you can see the Japan Airlines and Malaysia lounges show an « access for eligible customers traveling on these oneworld member airlines only« , same for Cathay…while Qatar Airways does not display the small OW logos… confusing, isn’t it ?

Under different circumstances I would just have used the Priority Pass… but there’s no PP option at Hanoi Airport Noi Bai, so my favorite Oneworld Sapphire perk had to work !

Qatar does not operate its own lounge in Hanoi. Instead it does like maaaanyyyyy airlines : offers access to the NIA Business Lounge, « the one who greeted them all » (or so it seems);

I was given an invitation to the lounge at check-in and rapidly proceeded to it after security and customs. Contrary to Bangkok you don’t get a fast track access (not sure if there’s one anyway).


To my surprise, as I expected an overcrowded and bad 3rd party lounge, I actually found the NIA business lounge to be a nice place to wait for a plane.

The lounge itself is pleasant : plane spotting is the keyword here, as you’re basically sitting in front of the planes !

As for food and drinks, you’ll find buffets of cold cuts, hot food (from fish to 5 spices chicken to spaghetti to beef bourguignon, etc.), sushis, cheese, vegetables, and chicken or beef pho of course if you want !  Some cereals and breakfasts options were available during the afternoon, as well as fruits, small desserts, yogurts and stuff.

Regarding the selection of beverages, expect soft drinks and beers (self-service), plus wine, liquors and coffee but you have to ask for it. Not a problem though.

While I did spend my time there working and watching at the planes outside, I noticed that the NIA lounge also features a smoking area (I quit but well…), a business center with computers and… massage chairs !

You’ll also be able to take a shower in the lounge :

I found the seating to be very comfortable and overall, a solid lounge in an airport with limited options for business travelers – as Oneworld sapphire , this is where’ll you go if you fly Qatar Airways.