I already benefited from the 1000 points Marriott Rewards offer simply by connecting my social accounts to Marriott Rewards.

But I apparently missed extra points (or they seem to have showed up later on the offer landing page) : now you can earn by following Delta Hotels & Resorts !

Simply go to this page to register .

You’ll get up to :

750 points for connecting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

250 points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and on Instagram (or 125 each)

And the new one I got today : +125 points if you follow Delta Hotels on Instagram.

That’s a total of 1125 points for 3 minutes (barely) of your time ! 

Also I recommend you to add your twitter account and follow Marriott, as you can earn 1000 super easy points every week during football season (just did this morning, 1 minute, 1000 points posted straight ahead). – thanks Ben from OneMileAtATime


Have you already connected your accounts, or do you plan to do so ?