As I’m planning to leave South America soon and spend more time in Asia, I figured it would be a good thing to get status at both Starwood brands (= Marriott hotels too) and Hilton Hotels.

Therefore I am currently on two challenges : one to get to SPG Platinum (more on that later), and one to get to Hilton Honors Gold (Gold Fast Track).

Hilton Fast Track to Gold : the details

I have 90 days to complete 5 stays or 10 nights to become a Gold member.

Bear in mind that a stay can be one night, so if you can, it’s faster and cheaper to book 5 separate nights than 10 nights in a row.

BUT it cannot be successive nights in the same hotel. You cannot check-out and immediately chck-in.

My choice of properties for the mattress run + 1 failure

I’m currently spending one night at the Anselmo Hotel (Curio Collection ) in Buenos Aires, and 1 night two blocks from it, then 1 night, etc. .. 3 times.

I already completed one night at the Hilton Hotel Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, and one night at the Hampton by Hilton.

The latest was not counted as eligible… for nothing. No points, no bonus for booking through app, no Avios benefits, NOTHING. The thing is, no one could justify me why when I exchanged with the live chat agents, and in a world full of TCs, footnotes and exclusions list, IT APPEARS NOWHERE.

So after some (annoyed then great) exchanges through live chat,  i was credited compensation miles and an extra « ghost » night to achieve the challenge, but beware… and i don’t like to have to call or write before booking that a stay is eligible.

(actually after that i called Starwood to double check a reservation and they were so surprised that i even ask!)

Why pursue Hilton Honors Gold now since I will probably be able to status match from Starwood Platinum to Hilton Honors Diamond ?

I won’t be SPG Platinum before the beginning of september, and since the Hilton properties were affordable in Colombia and Buenos Aires, with the British Airways 10000 Avios Bonus offer on top of that, it’s a great time to complete the challenge !

AND : the double points promotion is compatible with the 2000 Avios / night bonus

Worst comes to worst, having to « re-challenge » my way to Diamond later would be better done with a Hilton Gold status, since the perks include the following :

  • 25% of elite status bonus
  • free breakfast or points in many properties
  • free upgrade depending on availability

Access the full list of benefits here.

So Hilton Honors Gold status will make the status match process or challenge way smoother and rewarding, right ? 

You could book the cheapest « room only » rate and get breakfast, points and maybe upgrade in most Hilton properties during the challenge. I’m in !  (although I still think lounge access is usually worth the extra money).

In conclusion

Sometimes, you really have to do a challenge a little in advance because the countries, cities or extra bonuses (miles and/or points) at the moment really make sense.

Haave you done the Gold Fast Track thing with Hilton , or up to another challenge right now?

As many French people, I don’t have access to elite status through credit cards, so we do it the other way 🙂