Hilton Honors program has an extra value compared to other hotel loyalty programs : the « double dipping » option, meaning you can choose to earn HOTEL POINTS AND AIRLINES MILES.

Depending on your strategy, you’d better off sticking to the Points and Points option (you’ll get more value out of it) than the Points and Miles options, but Hilton has some regular airlines bonuses that are worth taking advantage of.

Note that you can switch from Points / Points to Points / Miles anytime you want from your Hilton Honors Account, and also switch from partner to partner.

Earn triple Avios with Hilton : register here to the offer and go get your extra miles 🙂

Right now, double dipping with Iberia Plus is a pretty good option

There’s a TRIPLE YOUR AVIOS x3 OFFER on Hilton stays, meaning instead of earning 1,5 avios / dollar spent, you’ll get 4,5 avios / dollar.

Conditions : 

Offer available for new bookings made between 15 October 2017 and 30 January 2018 for stays from 15 October 2017 until 30 January 2018 the (“Promotional Period”) at participating Hilton Hotels (“Participating Properties”) only.  Triple Avios is applicable on each stay during the promotional period. A stay is defined as 1 or more consecutive nights spent at the same Participating Property, i.e. from check-in to check-out irrespective of the length of stay. 

(1) Join the Iberia Plus Flyer loyalty programme if you are not already a member, (2) Select Iberia as your Preferred Airline partner, add your Iberia membership number within your Hilton Honors profile and ensure you select Points & Miles™ as your Double Dip® Earning Style within your Hilton Honors profile, (3) Register for the promotion.

For me it’s a no brainer, especially since I have 6 or 7 stays to come and I can transfer from Iberia to British Airways if needed (I won’t though:).

Oh and by the way, I got BOTH credited (points and miles, apparently it often happens) on my last stay in Hua Hin, Thailand :

On a 240 dollars stay ++, it’s a pretty good « virtual cashback » : 

Remember you can enjoy triple Hliton Honors points on the same stay (while earning Avios)

Hilton makes it possible to cumulate offers (which we LOVE right ?).

So remember you will also benefit at the same time of the Double your Hilton Honors points offer ! (don’t forget to register).

Diamond members will get an extra 10000 hotel points every 10 nights stayed (i know i will!).

Official website

Do you plan to double dip with Iberia Plus ?